Reconnect with Academic Games. Pay it forward.


We all have fond memories of our time in Academic Games. Late night Presidents study parties, writing hilarious Propaganda clues with friends, intense On-Sets and Equations matches in Jesuit’s cafeteria, and the long, fun bus trips to Nationals are a few of mine. I was sad to graduate from high school, because I thought that it might be the end of Academic Games for me. But I soon realized that while my Academic Games playing career was over, there was still one more solution that I—actually, all alumni—must solve. How do we leave a legacy that allows Academic Games to grow? What can we do to share our experiences with the next generation? How can we pay it forward?

I quickly learned that the answer is simple: You can pay it forward by reconnecting with Academic Games.

There are many ways that you can get involved. Project Give a Game allows you to donate an Equations or On-Sets game to an upstart team. By joining the Activities Committee, you can help organize social activities designed to encourage alumni to reconnect with our program. The Newsletter staff is seeking eager, brilliant minds to help communicate to our alumni. For more information, visit our Get Involved page.

As you can see, there are many important ways for alumni to leave a legacy and pay it forward.

I’ve reconnected. How will you?

Dwayne Fontenette, Jr.
NOAGL Alumnus