2015 LA AG Invitational Winners

Before making their ways to the 2015 Academic Games Leagues of America National Tournament, students from Jefferson, Orleans and St. Bernard Parishes participated in the fifth annual Louisiana Academic Games Invitational. These Academic Games students¬†used the “state tournament” as a practice before facing off for national championships at the end of April. All participants played rounds of On-Sets and Equations. Students with a perfect score in one game were awarded certificates while students with a perfect score in both games (overall winners) were given medals.

Elementary Division
Perfect Scorers
Brady Ferguson (NO), On-Sets
Eesha Bethi (JF), Equations
Anthony Wei (SB), Equations
Overall Winner
Rishik Bethi (NO)
Middle Division
Perfect Scorers
Linda Denson (NO), On-Sets
Prokkawn Majumdar (JF), On-Sets
Milan Mardia (JF), On-Sets
Keyana Zahiri (JF), On-Sets
Radeeya Islam (JF), Equations
Aqib Zakaria (JF), Equations
Suraj Zaveri (JF), Equations
Overall Winners
Neel Mondal (JF)
Skylar Randall (JF)
Junior Division
Perfect Scorers
Kendel Irvin (JF), On-Sets
Madison Lauff (JF), Equations
Overall Winners
Nameera Islam (JF)
Hunter Mathas (NO)
Senior Division
Perfect Scorers
Dennis Stokes (JF), Equations
Justin Turnbull (JF), Equations
Overall Winner
Gun Kang (JF)