2022-23 Senior Overall Results

The following Sweepstakes rules are in effect:

  • Each player’s rank is determined by the sum of their scores from three of the four games played by NOAGL this tournament season—Propaganda, Presidents, Equations, On-Sets—with the lowest score from one game dropped if a player competes in four games.

The following Nationals qualifying rules are in effect:

  • Any player in any division who participates in at least three of the four games scheduled this year can qualify for Nationals. “Participate” means compete in at least one of the two sessions of a tournament. A student who registers for a game but does not attend either week’s session of that game has not participated in that NOAGL competition.
  • Each player who qualifies by playing just three games is expected to participate in the fourth game (the one that the player missed locally) at Nationals as well. However, the coach can ask the league for a waiver from this rule if the coach does not think the player will be competitive in that game at Nationals. (This primarily refers to Equations and On-Sets.)
  • Learners Equations and Learners On-Sets in Elementary Division do not count for Nationals qualifying.