How to Play On-Sets

On-Sets is a turn-based game that uses the mathematics of Set Theory.

One player has to set a Goal equal to a whole number {0, 1, 2, …}. Another player deals a set of cards with some combination of blue, red, green and yellow dots on them called the Universe. Here’s an example Universe:

No two cards have the same combination of B, R, G and Y.

Let’s say that the Goal is 3. That means everyone must name a set of three cards from the Universe. So, an example would be the RED cards. There are three cards with red on them. There are also three cards with NO RED on them. There are three cards with both GREEN AND YELLOW, and the set containing GREEN WITHOUT RED cards equals three.

This is a very simplified version of how the game is played. Check out our other posts about On-Sets for more specific examples of how to play the game.

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