On-Sets: Selecting Illegal Variations

If a player selects a variation that has no effect on the shake, a variation that conflicts with one already chosen for the shake, or a variation that has already been chosen for the shake, the player loses one point and must pick another variation. If, on the second try, the player still does not select an appropriate variation, he loses another point and may not pick a variation for that shake. The next person to select a variation picks one for the selector making an illegal choice.

If a player’s illegal variation selection is not pointed out before the next player selects a legal variation or a legal Goal is set (whichever comes first), the player making the illegal selection is not penalized. However, the illegal variation is ignored for the shake.

Examples: It is illegal to chose U Required when no U cube was rolled, Y Wild when no Y cube is in Resources, (Middle, Junior, and Senior) No Null Restrictions when no = or c cube was rolled (and no Wild Cube has been chosen), or (Jr and Sr) Double Set V in any shake.

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