Propaganda Reminder for Coaches

NOAGL’s 2011-12 season kicks off with Propaganda on Tuesday, September 20, for all high school competitors and Wednesday, September 21, for our Elementary and Middle Divisions.

In order to register players, moderators must turn in the names of their students to Br. Neal Golden ( by Monday, September 19. You only need to send him a list of your students (first and last names) AND group them into teams of five. Bring in a completed Prop Entry Form to the first tournament for your players. Be sure to make any corrections, additions, or deletions before you hand in this form.

Also, all participating schools/groups need to fill out a League Invoice form. Each school must pay the $30 yearly dues, plus, $3 per student that plays Propaganda. Bring this form and your payment to the first round of competition for your school.

Here are a few reminders to get prepared for the tournament:
* “What to Bring”—pencils/pens for each student, your copy of the entry form, your school’s invoice & dues
* A copy of the Technique List will be provided by the Tournament Coordinator.
* Seat assignments will be posted on the registration table.
* Parents can watch the tournament but should be careful not to interrupt play.
* Typically, Propaganda tournaments last an hour from the start of the round. Parents should be at the tournament site to pick-up their students by 5pm.
* Remind students 1) to turn off cell phones, 2) food and drinks are not allowed during competitions, and 3) of the rule change. Answers can not be circled until AFTER the second reading of the example.